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http://www.utro.ru/ News (Russian)
http://www.allapi.net/ #1 source of infromation about programming the Windows API from within Visual Basic
http://www.blackbeltvb.com/ A Visual Basic site for programmers from White Belt to Black Belt.
http://www.clipart.com/ Clipart, Font, Photo and Web Graphic Links
http://www.codehound.com/vb/ CodeHound VB - The Visual Basic Developer's Search Engine
http://russia-in-us.com/ Little Russia in US
http://webclipart.about.com/ Web Clip Art
http://codeguru.earthweb.com/ CodeGuru - developer site.
http://www.midi.ru/ MIDI online site.
http://lib.ru/ Moshkow's Library
http://omen.ru/music/MP3&RA.HTM MP3s on Omen Site
http://www.vbaccelerator.com/overview.htm Source Code section of vbAccelerator
http://www.vbsquare.com/ VB Codes
http://www.vbweb.co.uk/ Developer Fusion, the online community for multi-skilled developers.
http://www.a1vbcode.com/tipsarchive.asp VB source code site
http://www.planet-source-code.com/vb/ Free VB source codes
http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/ NCBI Home
http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/BLAST/ BLAST on NCBI
Primer 3 Input Page Primer 3 input form
http://www.echo.msk.ru/index.html Eho Moskvy
http://www.tradehouserussia.com/ Trade House Russia
http://www.idtdna.com/program/main/home.asp Integrated DNA Technologies
http://www.oligosetc.com/ Oligos, Etc.
http://mapsonus.switchboard.com/ Maps, Driving directions...
http://www.taciroglu.com/m/d.htm Crack Search
http://www.ensembl.org/Homo_sapiens/ Ensembl Human Genome Server
http://www.mbshortcuts.com/index.shtml Molecular Biology Shortcuts
http://archive.uwcm.ac.uk/uwcm/mg/hgmd0.html Human Gene Mutation Database at the Institute of Medical Genetics in Cardiff.
http://rebase.neb.com/rebase/rebase.files.html REBASE - restriction enzyme database
http://www.softpc.ru/ SoftPC (Russian)
http://filearea.co.il/rus/utilits/index.html Russian music and video
http://www.google.com/ Google - Search engine
http://vb.digitalroutes.co.uk/index.shtml?datareport VB Helper
http://russianinternet.com/ Russian Internet Home Page (TV, Radio, etc,)
http://2100.com/index.html 2100.com (Best hosting!)
http://retro.iwantadvice.org/retro.html Melodies from 50-80
http://www.hot.ee/nostalgie/ Nostalgia (Old songs)
Advanced Visual Basic Training Visual Basic Course
http://www.zvuki.ru/ Zvuki: Songs, Texts, MP3s, Companies, Groups, etc.
http://dgl.microsoft.com/?CAG=1 Microsoft ClipArt
http://www.russaudit.ru/mp3.htm Lyubimye pesni Vitamina
http://www.rmp.ru/ MP3 archive

Home Music Visual Basic Resume

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