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Vitaly (Vit) Pozharov, Ph.D.
A senior Programming-Bioinformatics professional
with extensive experience across numerous industries including biotech, pharmaceutics, pharmacogenomics, genetics and clinics. Known as a developer of specialized programs and algorithms that enhance user's ability to analyze data. Acknowledged as a creator of new programs and approaches used for research, development, retail sales, preclinical and clinical trials. Proficient in application development, scientific and retail data capture, quality control and analysis. More Send me E-mail  
VP Office
The program is used to prepare different documents based on the template and fields. Details Buy for $5.00
Vit's icons
My free icons. Use them! Show
Image Processing Tool (VB.NET 2008)
Set image size, contrast, colors, overlay images, etc. Install
Copy Entire Directory Tree (VB.NET 2008)
Backup directory tree. Files are copied only if target size is not equal to the source. Install
Student's t-test (VB6)
Easy Student's t-test "P" value calculation. Run
VP String (VB.NET 2003)
A simple program to convert a text (SQL statement, etc) into a VB.NET string. Useful for SQL statements. Download
Dilutions (VB6)
Calculate dilutions. Run
Easy Scan Images (VB6)
Scan PRC/Western blotting images. Run
Capture Text (VB6)
Select text, press Ctrl+C and selected text will be added to the textbox. Run
NOTE: Presented here programs, controls and codes are free for non-commercial use. All files are provided 'as is'. The author is not responsible neither for possible errors related to the operation of these software products nor for the consequences of such errors. The author rights to this software product are the property of Vitaly (Vit) Pozharov
My WEB-based statistical programs:
EasyStat (Mean, SD, SEM, CV)
EasyCorr (Correlation and Regression)
My molecular and cell biology tools:
Aminoacids Table
EasyCode (DNA->Aminoacids)
Cell Doubling Time Calculator
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Last Updated: December 9, 2010